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3D Boombox Audio bez maksas 3D datorgrafikas modelēšanai.

Bumboks – type portable audio center. Originally, this was the name of a portable two-tape stereo recorder with a radio receiver and large speakers. Since the 90s, such an audio center has been completed with a CD player, and today in boomboxes the tape recorder is becoming more and more rare, gradually being replaced with more modern types of audio media.

The first boombox was invented in 1975 by the twin brothers Stacey and Scott Woelfel (Stacey and Scott Woelfel), who used a wooden case with built-in speakers and an 8-track car radio. In the late 70s, various companies presented their boom boxes. But, although they created quite powerful and advanced models, the boomboxes got real popularity only in the 80s – along with the development of the breakdancing and hip-hop phenomena.

The main factor in the rise in demand for boom boxes was street activities – jams and battles, when groups of young people began to demonstrate their styles to each other, competing in dance skills and in the skill of reading rap. A new type of audio device still attracts with this very opportunity – to dance, exchange music tracks and make a new recording in any place.

The popularity of boombox in street get-togethers was strongly influenced by the media – FM stations and television, spurring the craving for broad communication and amateur creativity. Certainly, manufacturers have a powerful incentive: whose boombox will give a more powerful and rich sound, which boombox will not have batteries for longer.

Turklāt ir svarīgi apvienot dziesmas atskaņošanas laikā un, ja nepieciešams, ierakstīt skaņu. Tāpēc, izvēloties modeli, tiek ņemtas vērā radio uztvērēja, skaļruņu, lentes vai CD bloka un pastiprinātāja īpašības, kā arī mikrofonu vai mikrofona ievadi.