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Arhitektūras struktūras 3d modeļi

Architecture – in general means the science and art of building, designing buildings and other architecture structures, as well as the totality of buildings and structures that create a spatial environment for human life and activity. Architecture creates a materially organized environment that people need for their lives and activities, in accordance with their aspirations, as well as modern technical capabilities and aesthetic views. Functional (purpose, usefulness), technical (strength, durability) and aesthetic (beauty) properties of objects are interrelated in architecture.

Arhitektūras darbi bieži tiek uztverti kā mākslas darbi, kā kultūras vai politiskie simboli. Vēsturiskās civilizācijas raksturo to arhitektūras sasniegumi.

The subject of working with space is the organization of the inhabited place as a whole. It was allocated in a separate direction – urban development, which covers a complex of socio-economic, construction and technical, architectural and artistic, sanitary and hygienic problems. For the same reason, it is difficult to give a correct assessment of the architectural structure, not knowing the town planning.

Viena no augstākajām starptautiskajām balvām arhitektūras jomā ir Pritzker balva, kas katru gadu tiek piešķirta par izcilākajiem sasniegumiem arhitektūras jomā.

By the decision of the Twentieth General Assembly of the International Union of Architects (ISA), held in Barcelona in 1996, annually on the first Monday of October, an international professional holiday of architects and connoisseurs of architectural masterpieces is celebrated – World Architecture Day.

As an art form, architecture enters the realm of spiritual and material culture. Unlike utilitarian construction and aesthetic activity (eg, the harmonization of the environment), for example, design, architecture as an art solves art-image problems, that is, it expresses in the artistic images of a person’s idea of the space and time and place of man in the world around him.

Of course, architecture has found it’s adherents in 3D modeling world too. That’s why you can find a lot of buildings and other architecture structures 3D models on Flatpyramid.