Alfa Romeo 159 3D Model (max other texture obj)

3D modelis ar mostudios

This is a model of Alfa Romeo 159. Detailed and realistic view with exterior and interior.

- piemērots arhitektūras vizualizācijām, reklāmas veidiem un citiem.
- ķermeņa krāsas un citi materiāli ir viegli modificējami

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- 3ds max 9 (standard materials), 3ds max 9 (Vray materials), obj. (with mtl.)
- tekstūras un materiāli
- modelis

2. 3ds max 9 (standarta materiāli)
3. 3ds max 9 (Vray materiāli)
4. obj. ar mtl.

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Alfa Romeo 159 is a compact executive car. It was produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo. Firstly, it was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. It is the replacement of 156 model. The 159 used the GM/Fiat Premium platform, shared with the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider production cars, and with Kamal and Visconti concept cars. The size of Alfa Romeo 159’s made it considerably more comfortable than the previous model 156, due to its larger, roomy interior.

As you can see from 3d model specifications you can use this item in rendered still or animated use in client or personal projects such as mockups, commercials, free games, fliers, artwork etc. This is a high definition 3d model and its fully textured so use it for your closeups and visualizations where a high level detail is needed. You can also see various formats for rendering in the specifications lifting its value among the animators for the visualization process. We made this with ultimate accuracy, quality, and measurement. So, it may reach to the extent of your requirements.

Alfa Romeo 159 is a 4-door sedan body type car is available with both manual as well as automatic gearbox. We care about you that’s why we are providing you this 3D model of Alfa Romeo 159 in various formats. So, check out the formats provided also in the specifications. However, if you have any questions the object then feel free to contact us at (310) 697-3740.

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  • Vertices160000
  • Daudzstūri150000
  • ģeometrijaDaudzstūris
  • Animēts
  • Materiāli
  • rigged
  • Textures
  • Failu formāti3D studijas maksimālais fails (.max), faktūra, viļņu fronte (.obj), cits 3D modeļa faila formāts
  • pluginsV-Ray, Cits spraudnis
  • NID26326
3D modeļa ID: 193203

Publicēts: Novembris 3, 2011
3D Mākslinieks: Mostudios