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Generic motor boat 3D model. Only cinema4d R10 has materials.
Poligoni 9608
Vertikāli 9588

On the sides (sides) of most motor boats, there are oarlocks for oars, which allows for slow (or silent) movements, as well as movement in the event of a motor failure.

The attachment of the motor to the boat — the transom — is a flat vertical wall (board) 1-3 cm thick at the rear (stern) of the vessel, about 30-50 cm high above the water surface and 10-20 cm under water. The width of the transom, depending on the class and width of the vessel, ranges from 30–50 cm to 1 meter. Two motors can be installed simultaneously on the wide transom of a large boat (connecting them with thrusts for synchronous control or controlling both the right and left hands). Near the transom on the right and left seats are provided for the driver (steering). On large boats, remote control can be displayed in the front of the vessel.

The outboard motor is “worn” on top of the transom mount brackets and is fastened (pressed) with screws similarly to a clamp. The dimensions of the motors (at least one power class) and their control are practically standardized, so that most boats and motors are compatible.

Propellers on the motors are quick-detachable, and there are different pitch and diameter, which allows you to quickly rearrange them in case of damage to an obstacle or to change the characteristics of the drive (“speed or thrust”).

Although the hulls of most motor boats are designed to be planable, with a large load on the vessel, the engine power may not be enough to go into this mode.

Motorboats are widely popular all over the world due to their merit:

Relatively low cost in comparison with other types of small vessels (boats, yachts);
Simple design and simple control, which allows to operate the motor boat to people who do not have special education;
The ability to store a motor boat on the shore, and not afloat at the pier, which prolongs the life of the boat (light and durable hull does not wrinkle on the ground and allows you to pull the boat to shore by two people);
Ability to select and quickly replace the outboard motor;
The expensive motor can be removed and stored in a safe place;
Relatively high speed;
The possibility of secure parking at the unprepared shore;
The possibility of transportation by car (on a special trailer).

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Publicēts: februārī 13, 2011
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